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Getting Started with krunch

Getting started with krunch and Microsoft Teams is simple. Follow the steps below and start your journey to more fruitful discussions.

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Using krunch in Microsoft Teams

Creating your first discussion

Using krunch in MS Teams

  1. Navigate to your channel and click the "+" icon from the menu—or visit the krunch installation page in AppSource directly:
  2. Search for "krunch" and select the app from the results:
  3. Choose "Add to a team":
  4. Select the initial channel you want to install krunch in:
  5. Click the "Sign up" button to authenticate using your Microsoft Teams account:
  6. Name your discussion group:
  7. Install the krunch connector by clicking the ellipses next to your channel and selecting "Connectors":
  8. Configure or add the connector:
  9. You're all done! Click the "I've done this" button and you're ready to create your first discussion:

Creating your first discussion

  1. Choose your channel then create your discussion topic. Set the duration of the discussion and you're ready to go!:
  2. Your discussion is now live in your Teams channel and people can begin responding and voting right away.
  3. HINT: Click the "View in krunch" button in your channel to view your discussion stats.

Get your team connected and collaborating in minutes!